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[Festival decoration:]

Viva Ferdinando


[Festival decoration:]

Viva Ferdinando [Tuscany] c.1790


One large single leaf, originally 23 x 31.3 cms., folded twice to form a flattened tube of 19.9 cms. width, with 3.1 cms. of paper overlapping where the glue has been applied. Yellow paper. Large woodcut armorial with text above, 'VIVA FERDINANDO'. Slight worming, very light soiling, touch of professional repair, but good.


This celebratory item, ostensibly a flattened tube of yellow paper, bears a large armorial of Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, with the motto 'Viva Ferdinando' (long live Ferdinand). It appears intended for placing around a lantern or a post; copies whose ends were not stuck together could perhaps equally have functioned as little banners.
Ferdinand (1769-1824) became Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1790. He was forced out of the territory by the French in 1799, and by the Treaty of Aranjuez (1801) was made to renounce his title. He reclaimed the title in 1814 and held it until his death. The style of the object might suggest it came from Ferdinand's first reign. A plausible use would be for the celebrations and visits connected with his accession (for a festival publication relating to his visit to Livorno, with his wife, whom he married also in 1790, see 'La Gara, componimento drammatico' (Livorno, Tommaso Masi, 1791)).