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Grosvenor Prints

Stand: 87

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Thomas Palser

[The Grand Jubilee Celebrations in London's Parks.]


On 1st August 1814 a series of events celebrating both the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the centenary of Hanoverian rule in England. In St James's Park a Chinese bridge with a pagoda was built over the lake; in Green Park a revolving Temple of Concord was constructed by Sir William Congreve (of rocket fame); and in Hyde Park naval battles with miniature frigates were fought (the 'Nile' and 'Trafalgar' against the French and a third against the Americans, a reminder that Britain was still fighting the War of 1812). The battles were successful events: however the pagoda in St James's Park was set alight by fireworks, killing one and injuring another; and the balloon ascent, by James Sadler (1753-1828, the first English balloonist) did not go as planned and he had to make an emergency landing.

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