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Grosvenor Prints

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Antoine Dubost

A Collection of Eleven Plates, Executed in Lithography; Representing a View of Newmarket, and the Life of the Race Horse, from the moment of his entering the stud until that of his sale...


Six plates from a very scarce album of lithographs of Newmarket which, according to the frontispiece, includes portraits of the 'most celebrated running horses in 1809', some descended from the Godolphin arabian. The plates are: the frontispiece; Colts - the race horse in the stud; Colt - the race horse taken in hand; Plover by Sir Peter [Teazle] - the race horse in the stable; Eaton by sir Peter - the race horse in the dressing stable; & Vandyke by sir Peter - the racehorse at the starting post. Antoine Dubost (1769-1825) was a neoclassical painter with a penchant for racing, owning and riding horses in a number of important races. Having served in the Corps du Genie (enginneers) he came to England in 1806, attracted by the racing at Newmarket, painting the originals of these plates in 1809, before returning to France in 1813. He fought a duel with a neighbour over a pavilion in which both participants were killed.

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