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Terms & Conditions

ABA Chelsea Rare Book Fair

These Terms and Conditions form a contract between the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (ABA) and the Exhibitor at the ABA Chelsea Rare Book Fair. No variations of these terms and conditions shall be permitted unless agreed by the ABA in writing.

Force Majeure and Cancellation by the ABA: The ABA shall not be liable to the Exhibitor if by any reason of war, terrorist threat, fire, strike, government regulation, national day of mourning, public catastrophe, act of God or the public enemy or any other cause beyond the control of the ABA including without prejudice to the foregoing the withdrawal from use or restriction in use of The Chelsea Old Town Hall (or any other venue at which the fair may necessarily be held), or by force majeure, the Fair or any part thereof is prevented from being held, or is cancelled, curtailed or abandoned.

The ABA shall use its best endeavours to hold the fair at another suitable venue or on alternative dates if prevented from using the venue for any reason. Exhibitors agree to exhibit at the new location and/or date. Failure to do so allows the ABA to retain all monies paid or payable as liquidated damages for its expenses and overheads.

General Right of Cancellation by the ABA: The ABA reserves the right to cancel the Fair for any reason, by giving notice in writing to the Exhibitor, on receipt of which the ABA shall be under no liability whatsoever save to refund in full to the Exhibitor all sums paid to the ABA in respect of rental fees or advance hire.

Cancellation of Contract by Exhibitor: Cancellation of exhibition space must be directed in writing to the ABA office. Stand cancellations made after invoices have been raised will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee and any outstanding invoice will remain payable. (Cancellation cover is available to UK Exhibitors via Richard Thompson Insurance Brokers, 01932 349732).

Alterations to Fair Layout and Stands: The ABA and the Book Fair Committee reserve the right to make such alterations as they see fit to the layout and plan of the fair, and to the stand and space allotted to the Exhibitor.

Stands and Set-Up: The ABA shall undertake all work of the organisation of the Fair.

Exhibitors must leave the hall as soon as the Fair closes on the first day.

Exhibitors will be allowed into the Fair one hour before opening on subsequent days.

All stands will be of agreed design. Exhibitors wishing to incorporate other furniture, decoration or equipment must make a request to the Fair Manager in writing, and install such items only subject to receipt of written approval.

Glass exhibition cases may NOT be used at the Chelsea Old Town Hall.

Exhibitors agree to arrange displays and any other materials in such a manner as not to block the aisles or disturb exhibits, exhibitors in adjacent stands or visitors, either physically or visually.

Exhibitors are responsible for checking the safety, stability and security of the tables, shelving and other equipment on their stands before setting out their stock. The ABA will not be liable for loss or damage to the property of exhibitors, whatever the cause.

Exhibitors may not examine the stock of other Exhibitors during the set up period without their explicit agreement. Placards will be available which can be displayed on stands to indicate when the attentions of other Exhibitors are, as yet, unwelcome. A maximum of two prospective buyers from any one firm may visit another stand at any one time.

A bookseller in their own right, whether a member of an ILAB affiliated association or not, may NOT assist a bona fide exhibitor prior to the opening of the Fair.

When the Fair is open to the public, the Exhibitor must ensure that s/he or an agent is in attendance at their designated stand at all times.

Exhibits: The Exhibitor shall exhibit only books, maps, manuscripts, prints, works on paper and so forth which the Committee is satisfied are genuine items of the period of which they are represented to be; not over-restored; of an appropriate standard for exhibition at the fair; and for sale.

The Exhibitor may not display any goods not belonging to himself, save with prior written approval by the ABA. The Exhibitor may not sublet any portion of their allotted stand.

All goods must be clearly priced in £ Sterling and faults noted as outlined in the ILAB Code of Customs and Usage. “Price on Application” (POA) signs are not acceptable.

All sales will be subject to the prevailing UK requirements for VAT and export licences. Goods purchased are to be paid for before the end of the Fair and payment is to be accepted in £ Sterling, unless specifically agreed otherwise by the purchaser and seller. An invoice or receipt must be issued for each sale.

Any disputes arising from transactions at the Book Fair will be settled under the ABA Code of Good Practice and a final judgement made by the ABA Standards Committee.

Delivery and Removal of Goods: The Chelsea Old Town Hall will be open for the reception of goods at a time to be notified to Exhibitors by the ABA. Under no circumstances may any part of an exhibit be delivered to the venue outside of these times. No part of an exhibit may be removed or dismantled during the conduct of the Fair except with the written permission of the Fair Chairman.

Breakdown will commence shortly after the Fair closes on the final day of the fair; no boxes or other obstructions may be moved from stands or placed in the aisles until the announcement stating that all public have left the venue. All exhibits must be cleared from the hall by 9.00pm that evening. Any items found that were not removed from the venue by the time specified shall be shipped at the Exhibitor’s expense at the order of the Fair Chairman.

Security Badges: Badges must be booked in advance and names will be scrutinised by the Chelsea Committee for non-exhibiting booksellers; a non-exhibiting bookseller in their own right, whether a member of an ILAB affiliated association or not, may NOT assist a bona fide exhibitor prior to the opening of the Fair. Event Staff will supply pre-booked security badges to Exhibitors when they register on arrival. All Exhibitors and anyone working at their stand must be registered and must wear name badges identifying them by their correct name and company at all times. Exhibitors must not lend security badges to another person under any circumstances and may not collect badges on behalf of anyone else.

Indemnity and Insurance: Responsibility for loss or damages to any exhibit or property of the Exhibitor remains with the Exhibitor at all times. The ABA is not liable for any such loss or damage.

The Exhibitor shall be responsible for all personal injury or damage to or loss or destruction of property which shall be caused directly or indirectly by the act or omission of the Exhibitor or his agents.

It is agreed that all Exhibitors will indemnify and release The Chelsea Old Town Hall (or any other company or contractor responsible for the book fair venue) and the ABA or its agents against all claims and proceedings made or brought against them, in respect of any injury, loss or damage arising to any person or property caused by or arising from the Exhibitor’s participation in the Fair.

It is a condition of the agreement between the Exhibitor and the ABA that the Exhibitor shall bear the responsibility themselves for insurance:

  • of their exhibits, stalls and chattels against damage, theft or any other loss
  • of their own servants, agents and employees against injury
  • of themselves against any and all public liability (£2million is the recommended minimum)
  • The ABA maintains cancellation insurance which will provide the return to Exhibitors of fees paid to the ABA if the fair is necessarily cancelled for whatever reason, whether due to circumstances beyond the control of the ABA or otherwise.

Such insurance will not cover any other costs or expenses incurred by exhibitors and Exhibitors are advised to obtain their own insurance to cover these.

Health & Safety: Exhibitors will abide by all Health and Safety Instructions and Guidance prepared by the ABA, the Venue, and Local Fire Brigade Regulations.

Any instructions issued or requests made by the venue or ABA designated Fire and Safety Officers or Floor Manager must be adhered to immediately.

Alcohol: No Exhibitor may serve or supply alcohol unless they have the relevant personal licence or the alcohol was purchased from the on-site designated caterer.