This Fair is managed by the Antiquarian Booksellers Association in collaboration with the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB). ABA Booksellers pledge to:

  • Guarantee authenticity
  • Provide accurate description
  • Disclose defects and restoration
  • Offer clear and informed pricing


Whether you are an experienced collector or simply curious about old and rare books, The ABA Chelsea Rare Book Fair is not to be missed.

Held each autumn in the beautiful and historic Chelsea Old Town Hall, the Fair brings together more than 80 exhibitors specialising in antique books, first editions, maps, prints, and manuscripts from all over the world. Prices begin at just a few pounds and dealers are happy to guide you, making this an accessible and exciting venue for beginning collectors or those simply looking for an extra special Christmas gift.

In addition to our regular exhibitors we have a line-up of unique events, including guided tours designed to introduce visitors to the world of rare books. You can also browse our exhibitors’ highlights, which can be purchased online before the Fair opens.

The ABA Chelsea Rare Book Fair has something to offer every type of book lover, so don’t wait – register for your free tickets today.

A condition of entry applies – see “Visit the Fair” for details.

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